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Last Update: Oct 18, 2010


jQuery.flickrGallery (Version 0.2)




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Example 1

Displays four photosets from flickr. One of them is invalid, and thus demonstrates what happens when a photos is removed or no longer available via the public flickr api.

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$('#example1').flickrGallery({ api_key: '6682e529b68ecbad4ffe38eb06c2a7b2', photoset_ids: [ '7215760invalid0238417754', '72157594510628160', '72157600286172216', '72157594545277831' ] });

Example 2

This example demonstrates how a gallery could be loaded by clicking on a link. Galleries are loaded only once into the page, thus subsequent clicks on it will not reload the gallery.

Click HERE to load Gallery Albums.

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// Link calls a function by the name of window.example2() window.example2 = function() { var opt = { api_key: '6682e529b68ecbad4ffe38eb06c2a7b2', photoset_ids: [ '72157594543007149', '72157600279232184', '72157594556739391', '72157594558950696', '72157594555408745', '72157600297423699' ], loading_msg: '', thumb_click_hide: true }; $('#example2').flickrGallery(opt); }


To use this plug in, included it into the page following the jQuery library. Call the flickrGallery() method on a set of elements to create the flickr gallery element.


Full API Documentation below.

flickrGallery is a jQuery plugin that provides a way to embed flickr images into your site. It requires jQuery (obviously) and a style sheet.